Product information management is essential for e-commerce merchants but it’s often overlooked as too expensive of an investment. Well, it’s time to consider this very necessary addition to your business. Jasper PIM is an affordable product information management solution designed to empower e-commerce merchants to organize, centralize, and manage all of their products from a single location. This allows them to sell more, faster and increase efficiency exponentially. It integrates seamlessly with any Shopify or Square e-commerce store and is available directly through both the Shopify app marketplace and the Square app marketplace.

We help you sell more, we help sell faster and better as an e-commerce merchant. So we give you the tools you need to really merchandise your products. We give you the ability to do things that you cannot do in your e-commerce platform, such as Shopify, Square, BigCommerce, Megento many others. You can start as a small merchant with Jasper and, and get some really great initial merchandising utility. So starting with, you know, being able to set pricing in advance and, and batch manager content.

It starts with saving some time and money, and then as you grow as an e-commerce merchant, our platform grows with you. Many of the merchants that we work with, give us a very similar story. They say they like the usability, they like the friendliness of the platform. Product information management is a very complex topic, and we find that many of our customers really like how simple, and how easy it is to use

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