Friday, September 22, 2023
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pixelynx – Changing The Digital Landscape Forever

Our relationship with music has changed in recent years. Whereas only a few years ago we were buying physical copies of albums, digital streaming came along and completely changed the landscape....

Old Street Solutions – Making Data Charts Easy To Make and Maintain

Did ever wonder how many decisions you make each day that are driven by data? Well, surprise. Almost all of them are. Why are you watching that Netflix movie? Well, because...

Paidly – Don’t Deal With Student Loan Debt Alone

The high rate of employee turnover is a problem for businesses. Research shows that 66% of employees plan to leave their employer within four years. While there are many factors that...

RinneTraps – A Simple, Safe, And Humane Way To Get Rid Of Pests

Everybody knows the traditional image of a mouse trap, a rectangular piece of wood with a spring-loaded piece of metal waiting to snap. They only catch one mouse at a time,...

YouTube Adds Paramount+ and Other Streaming Services

By: Nick Gambino Premium streaming services are coming to a YouTube near you. Google is adding PrimetimeChannels that include AMC+, Paramount+, Showtime and Starz. This is a lot like the channels already...

Official Flagpole – The Right Choice When Flag Shopping

For many, seeing an American flag is representative of freedom and a beacon of hope for the future. And presenting any flag in general is a great way to show support...

5 Products That Will Help You Streamline Your Spring To-Do List

Consumer Report David Gregg, Senior Editor of BehindTheBuy has been hard at work putting his Spring product suggestions and testing them so that we can all streamline our springtime to-do list.   Office Depot...

PageFlip – Page-Flipping Bluetooth Pedal | NewsWatch Review

ConsumerWatch For musicians everywhere and who turn sheet music while they play are talented to say the least. However, despite all the work that goes into honing such a craft, musicians can...

FaceChex – Stopping Third Parties From Using Your Private Content | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update When you take photos or videos of private events, that content is meant to stay…well…private. But unfortunately we live in a world where identities are stolen, images are misused, and...
HIV Home Testing

HIV Home Testing Should Form Part of Everyone’s Health Routine

Most of us go for periodic health checks, whether it is to keep an eye on the cholesterol level, routine screenings for potential cancer, blood pressure monitoring or a host of...

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Microsoft Working on Disc-less Xbox Series X

By: Nick Gambino In a large leak care of the FTC v. Microsoft case, we got a glimpse into some of the big things Microsoft...

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