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Zivs Smokervideo

Ziv’s Smoker – Portable, Quality Smoker | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update There’s nothing quite like the taste of smoked foods, whether it’s smoked fish, chicken, or any other meat. Investing in a Zvi smoker allows you to partake in this mouth-watering...

Swift Bed – Build Your Own Incredible Sleep System | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Moving is tough, especially when you live in a tiny apartment with lots of stairs or a home with narrow doorframes. Well, the time has come for beds and furniture...

SaferNet – Protecting, Monitoring, and Controlling Everything Going Across Your Network | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Whether we’re at home, school, or work – we’re always using the internet. While the internet has improved our lives in so many ways, it comes with its own set...
Fizzing Coolvideo

Fizzing Bottle – Giving You Access to Carbonated Water at Anytime | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Drinking water is essential to survival, but water is not the most interesting drink – sometimes we need something a little more exciting. That’s why many turn to carbonated water. Well,...

Weavely – Quality Linens at a Fraction of the Cost | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update You work hard, you play hard, but when you sleep you deserve the softest and most comfortable experience out there. But short of spending thousands of dollars on luxurious linens,...

Fromaggio – Explore the World of Healthy, Delicious and Customizable Cheese | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Tired of overpaying for unhealthy and culture-less cheese? So are we! With Fromaggio you can explore the world of healthy and delicious customizable cheeses. Fromaggio is here to bring healthy, artisanal-quality...

Avarelle – Easy-to-Peel Acne Covers | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Trying to heal acne is a constant battle, which takes time and patience, but what do you do in the meantime when you just want to go out and enjoy...

HouLight – Light up your Life and Important Events with HouLights

Consumer Update If you want to step up your party game, or enhance a display in your home, or prepare for Halloween decorations, there’s nothing better than blacklights to do just the...

Spetacular Dog Vitamin Water – Electrolytes to Keep Your Dog Hydrated | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update So you’re out for a run and you have enough electrolytes to keep you from getting dehydrated, but what about your dog? Sure, you can make sure your furry friend...

Bandelettes – Comfortable Lingerie that’s Both Practical and Sexy | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Clothes are often divided into two categories – sexy and practical. But we shouldn’t have to be super uncomfortable when we just want to feel attractive. Well, luckily there’s some companies...

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