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Zen Yogavideo

Zen Yoga Style – Classic, Traditional, and Quality Yoga Accessories | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update In today’s world, stress is present in everyday life.  How we deal with this environment is what can make or break us. Yoga is a great solution to escape the toil...

BagzDepot – Customizable, High Quality, and Low-Priced Bags | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Tote bags are easily one of the most convenient bag options out there. With the capacity to carry just about everything you own with room to spare, they’re not only...

SuperDuty Super Protection Power Case – Ultimate Protection Case for Your iPhone | NewsWatch...

Consumer Update If you could name two things every iPhone owner thinks about on a daily basis, what would it be?  The answer is their battery life and making sure it doesn’t...

Carah – Safety Watch for Women | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Smart wearables and IoT devices are everywhere. Well DNX designs and manufactures smart wearables and IoT devices aimed at making life just a little easier. Their newest safety watch, Carah, is tailored...
Seat Sittersvideo

Seat Sitters – Soft, Comfortable, and Reusable Seat Covers | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update We all know that public restrooms usually offer seat covers so you can keep some distance between you and the icky germs left on the toilet seat. But what about...

GAMEVICE – Ultimate Gaming Gadget for Your Mobile Device | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Gaming is a thriving market roping in users of all ages. Now it helps that there are so many different ways to play, including PCs, consoles and of course mobile....

CoreChair – Improve the Way You Sit from the Core | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Experts recommend you take a 5-minute break each hour you spend sitting. While getting up and walking about is a great way to offset the negative effects of sitting, what...

Flex-Eboard – Versatile and Flexible Longboard | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report I don’t know about you, but I love longboards.  There’s something so fun but also chill about cruising around town on one. So, if you love them too, you’re going...

PowerLix – Kitchen Gadgets that Make Food Preparation Effortless | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update If there’s one place you can guarantee you’re going to spend some time in every day, it’s the kitchen. While prepping or cooking a meal might seem like a chore,...

Quilo – Powerful, Portable, and Energy Efficient Fan | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update During these summer months, the air in our homes can get impossibly warm.  And when the winter months hit, the cold dry air can be harsh on our skin and...
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Where to Shop Cyber Monday 2017

By: Nick Gambino If it weren’t for Cyber Monday sharing some of the burden, Black Friday would still be an insane melee of shoppers duking...

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