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Bellucci – Authentic Italian Olive Oil and App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Something you probably don’t think about too often is the olive oil business. Many people don’t realize that there are numerous cases of fraud being reported in the industry. This...

SwankySwap – Rent and Exchange Jewelry | NewsWatch Review

Business Review Now, I think we all know women love their jewelry.  We also know it can be pretty expensive. But what’s worse is when someone pays a decent price for a...

Z-Skin – Natural Skin Care | NewsWatch Review

Health Report As consumers we tend to be wary of what we put in or on our body. We no longer just take a product at face-value or ignore the ingredients. What...

Pristine Water – Home Filtration System | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Water is the most essential element to human survival. We need to drink water in order to stay alive but as an industrialized nation water has become often polluted and...

Dr. Willard’s Water – Healthy and Holistic Water Products | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Back in June we highlighted a complex water catalyst invented by Dr. John W. Willard that alters the molecular structure of normal water.  It works to create a more biologically...

ePint – Your Gameday Mug | Tech Report

Tech Report Sports fans are some of the rowdiest, most energetic people you’ll ever see. Whether at a bar, at home on the couch or at a stadium there’s no subduing them. ...
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Etsy to Offer Same-Day Delivery in NYC

Tech Report By: Nick Gambino  With Etsy’s announcement of their new same-say delivery service, Etsy ASAP, in New York City, they are the newest company to get behind this business model. This new service,...

YouTube to add a Fee Based Service – YouTube Red

By: Bryan Tropeano Starting from its very early days as a platform where you could record and place your homemade videos, YouTube offered an alternative. It served the mass market and unlike...

Amazon to Offer 7 Weeks of “Black Friday” Sales

By: Nick Gambino Amazon has announced its plan to offer 7 weeks of “Black Friday” sales instead of the traditional one day. The 7-week sale period is already under way and will...

Best Travel Tips For the Holiday Season

Travel Report By: Andrew Tropeano The holiday season is upon us and we here at NewsWatch would like to offer our best travel tips so you can fly comfortably and in style.  Our team...

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