Sunday, April 11, 2021
GoPro Session

New GoPro Session Camera Proves To Be The Best Yet

by: Nick Gambino GoPro is basically synonymous with high-octane, extreme sports videography. Whether it’s capturing a surfer’s sick stunt or capturing me crying like a 4 year old girl after jumping out...
Mad Max NewsWatchvideo

Mad Max: Fury Road, Interview with Tom Hardy

NewsWatch Interview Mad Max: Fury Road is the fourth film set in the Mad Max universe, but not necessarily a direct sequel. The director, George Miller, has spent the last 16 years...

Guardzilla – Smart Guard Your World | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Review Did you know that 2 million homes are broken into annually? Now 90% of convicted burglars have said that they avoid houses with alarm systems. So if you're worried...

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Teleport to the Other Side of Earth with Google AR Portal

By: Nick Gambino You know how when you were little people would say if you dug deep enough through the ground beneath your feet you’d...

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