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Given that the new Star Trek movie is heading into theaters we thought we would head over to a convention and try to catch some interviews with director JJ Abrams, Chris Pine (who plays Captain James T. Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Commander Spock) and Karl Urban (Doctor ‘Bones’ McCoy).  We were definitely feeling the space on the panel and in our hearts that Anton Yelchin has left, but we are happy to see his character Chekov will be able to make an appearance in Star Trek Beyond.

JJ Abrams says “To be totally honest, and I have said this since the 2009 movie, I was not a Star Trek fan as a kid, and I realized what I missed out on, because I got to fall in love with it watching the shows when I started working on the film. And Justin Lin (who is an extraordinary guy and a wonderful director and he did an amazing job on this), I think he was a Star Trek fan from the very, very beginning. He would watch with his parents and everything and he loved and knew this world so well. He was really inspiring to talk to and I just felt that this was someone who, unlike myself, loved it from the beginning and while I fell in love with it later, we were so lucky, all of us, to get to work with Justin on the movie.”

When asked about Captain Kirk in the new film, Chris Pine responded “This is a different film for Kirk. The first two films, I think, were really about him dealing with the shadow of his father. I mean, he was born on the day that his father died and that cast a looming, looming amount of pressure on him to live up to something. And that something was something and someone that he didn’t really know so that pressure was almost unbearable, I think. And in this one I think he’s turned a corner and he’s realizing now, as a man who has dealt with those issues, who is he as his own man? What is it like to be a captain of a starship and to captain these people without needing to burden himself with that legacy. And in that new space, there is a lot of freedom there. He’s thinking about what does he really want to do? What really will make him happy? And then the drama ensues and stuff happens. But that, I think, is where you find Kirk in the beginning of this film.”

Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban discuss where we will find Bones and Spock in the upcoming film as well at the conference. We can’t wait to see what’s next for the Enterprise and our favorite characters as they explore the uncharted universe.

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