Netronome – Prepare for Growing Infrastructure Challenges | Mobile World Congress

By: Guy Tal Hauser

Global mobile traffic growth is projected to grow by 10X from 2017 to 2021, driven by video, gaming, data and IoT applications. If your company is preparing a network infrastructure to meet this growing data and services requirements, and are facing operational efficiency and high performance challenges, then check out Netronome. Netronome SmartNICs and software enables the highest application performance and CPU efficiency for Telco and cloud data center server infrastructures.

Having invented the feasible network flow processor and hardware-accelerated server-based network, Netronome combines speed and flexibility with software innovation.

It can happen that data centers are inundated with information and stifle the process of seamless data transference. However, the struggle in businesses happen when these data centers are challenged to do more with fewer resources. They are in need of delivering data and services in a better and secure way without spending a fortune.

With Netronome’s server-based networking, they enable fast innovation by maneuvering the networking software used in servers and speed up networking functions. Certain optimized functions can include: virtual switching, virtual routing, connecting tracking, and virtual network functions.

How does Netronome do it?

They implement a particular flow-processing-optimized silicon and software architecture that works alongside standard and open source server-based networking software. Its result provides innovative solutions and shows for its efficiency by having worked with mega data centers such as:

  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Google

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