Tappy – Contactless Payment System | NewsWatch Review


With how advanced technology is and always becoming, it’s hard to imagine that making payments by phone just isn’t as efficient as it used to be. Tappy, a global NFC payment solution provider, is making possible for almost any branded product to be transformed into a payment device.

Having been at Mobile World Congress, we saw this tech in high-end jewelry and watches in collaboration with financial institutions like Barclaycard and Visa. The integration of Tappy’s technology into these products enables consumers to easily make low value, payment transactions.

How Does it Work?

When someone wears a Tappy enabled watch or piece of jewelry, they simply hold their wrist up to the reader during checkout for a seamless payment. That’s it! It’s just like paying with a phone.

Tappy’s NFC technology isn’t just exclusive to jewelry, watches, sunglasses, pens or even contactless payments, it can also be used for security purposes such as adding a key fob to a purse.

The embedded chip and antenna allow consumers to wave their smartwatches or wearable over a reader at the point of sales terminal in order to make low value transactions.

Currently, worldwide fast food chains and convenient stores are already implementing POS terminals. And as the payment industry continues to shift from plastic to digital, Tappy only wants to make the process that more seamless for any and all businesses.

In addition, Tappy is even coming up with new ways to tap for transit, home, and car access. Their goal is to make the world more secure, universal, and more convenient.

Tappy plays an important role in developing wearable payment Ecosystem that bridges the gap of FinTech, banks, card networks, and regulators.

Tappy is currently looking to find more companies and products to use their technology with. If you’d like to learn more about Tappy and their technology, you can head to GoTappy.com today.