Jenax J.Flex – Flexible, Fast-Charging, and Rechargeable Battery | NewsWatch Review

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With the advent of wearable and IoT devices, the demand for next generation away from rigid and thick batteries that can better serve this innovation increases.

Well, Jenax has created an adaptable battery that is leading this growing trend.

J.Flex is a flexible, fast charging, rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery that serves as the industry’s solution to these ever-growing and ever-changing design needs.

J.Flex can be bent or rolled to enhance the flexibility of next-gen devices.

If a device is being designed for comfort and flexibility, no longer do companies have to worry about powering it. J.Flex takes care of that with its flexible design and adaptable form.

And forget devices that have already been invented, how about the possibilities now that we know the battery can be customized to the device design?

The possibilities are endless. Designers and builders can now use shapes and sizes never considered possible before without sacrificing performance.

J.Flex uses a patented technology that employs gel electrolyte rather than liquid, making it a safer battery option that complies with international safety standards.

So bend it, or roll it, and watch as J.Flex powers your device. Learn more at