Pametan – Using the Power of AI to Collect and Analyze Data from Buildings

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The power of AI is only just being realized, opening the floodgates for endless possibilities in every industry.

We are in the third wave of AI, achieving results from advanced machine learning with human-like context and reasoning to process Big Data.

Pametan [pronunciation: pam-ah-taun] uses Self Supervised or 3rd Wave AI to collect and analyze data from buildings, providing unparalleled insight to optimize the operations and enhance performance for commercial real-estate.

Pametan’s Smart AI platform is a cloud-based Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostic system that analyzes all vital building data from the Building Management System and other sources.

Using advanced machine learning algorithms and a data visualization interface, they provide real actionable recommendations to increase building comfort by 60% while reducing energy waste by up to 38%.

It also increases safety and outside airflow which will make it safer for tenants in a Post-COVID era.

This is not only helpful but vital as people return to their work buildings and as older buildings embark on large-scale, energy-saving projects to reduce carbon emissions.

Pametan’s platform learns from its dynamic environment, taking into account all variables, and provides a new baseline in a single week.

Improve the efficiency and comfort of your building with the most advanced AI platform designed to do just that.

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