Remote Year – Work From Home… Or Hawaii

Part of personal growth is allowing ourselves the opportunity to travel and experience different locations and cultures. And with most of our work moved online, many of us are freed up to travel like never before. Remote Year is the pioneer and market leader in community-based travel experiences for remote workers and learners traveling to the most inspiring destinations on the planet.

Places where we can live, work, learn, and grow together. For seven years, they’ve offered life-changing travel programs aimed at remote working professionals. Remote Years end to end platform takes care of all the logistics so you don’t have to. You can experience some travel magic for a week, a month, four months, or even 12 months. Their one-month experiences fit perfectly for people looking to escape the winter for a month abroad and for organizations that have announced remote work abroad policies for their employees.

For Remote Years, the flagship experience is their life-changing 12-month global program where you go to 12 countries in 12 months, with programs spanning over 40 countries and five continents. Remote Year includes one positive impact experience per program, contributing to their commitment to creating global impact in local communities. Start on your journey today by heading to to take your first step.