For many, gardening is a wonderful way to relieve stress and connect with nature. Getting your hands dirty and working the soil can be grounding and gratifying. But if you’re working with the wrong tools, you may create more stress. Skidger is passionate about supplying garden lovers and professionals with simple yet powerful solutions to everyday gardening chores and challenges.

Skidger’s flagship product, the long-handled Xtreme Weeder is the perfect tool for clearing away large areas of weeds quickly and easily. Now they’re introducing a handheld version called the Wicked Little Weeder. This smaller size tool allows you to get into tight spaces where weeds are difficult to reach. The unique pointed tip gets weeds better than the competition while aerating soil so nutrients can reach roots.

The blade’s open design ensures you can see where you’re weeding so you don’t accidentally damage your prize flowers or plants. And the sturdy construction means you’ll be able to weed and cultivate many types of ground material like dirt, bark, and even gravel. Wicked Little Weeder features an ergonomic design that’s easy on the wrist and elbow with finger cushioning built right into the handle.

Get the job done faster and easier with the Wicked Little Weeder. Heading over to