Bad Decisions – Hilarious Card Game and App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch We’ve all made bad decisions in our lives, some worse than others. Now it’s time to celebrate our foolish “decision making” with the new party game aptly titled Bad Decisions. Designed to...

Play Online Rummy Games

Card games have their own craze and people love playing it as this is something which is very common in every household. We all have played card games in some way...

Steam Adds Full Support for PS4 DualShock Controller

By: Nick Gambino While you can hook up pretty much any controller to your PC and play games through Steam, they’re pretty limited when it comes to functionality. Valve’s initial solution to this...

Yomo – Epic Tile Adventure | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch If you like color matchup games like Candy Crush and Bejeweled, then you'll love this new take on the classic gameplay. Yomo is the new and crazy tile-based game where you're tasked...

Gear.Club – Real Feel Racing App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Car racing games have been popular for decades and with the advent of some pretty compelling mobile games their popularity won’t be hitting the brakes any time soon. For one of the...

Maxim the Robot – Addictive Mobile Game | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Are you looking for a new and addictive mobile game to keep you entertained and help pass the time?  Then check out Maxim the Robot. This colorful and dynamic Platformer game features...

Concrete Jungle – City Building Game | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Have you ever wanted to build entire cities maybe as an architect or a city planner? Well short of going out and actually doing it in the real world maybe you’d...

Sketch Nation Create – Easy Mobile Game Designing | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Playing games on your phone or tablet is as addictive as it is fun. But there’s so much content on the Google Play and App Store that it’s pretty much hit...

Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan – Mobile Strategy Game | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Strategy games have long been a popular alternative to brainless gaming that doesn’t require much thinking.  One popular such strategy game, Battlefleet Gothic, finally gets the mobile gaming treatment. Battlefleet Gothic:...

Look & Find: Fun Activities! – Educational Mobile Game | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Mobile games aren’t always just about having fun, sometimes they can be educational too. Booty Bay Games has published 3 successful games and now they’re ready to tackle kids’ games with...
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