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fix it fuelvideo

Fix-it-Fuel – Be Good to Your Engine | NewsWatch Review

ConsumerWatch Have you ever set up your spring yard work only to find out that your outdoor power equipment won’t start? More than likely, your problem is with your fuel due to...

GOVISION – Give Your Point of View | NewsWatch Review

ConsumerWatch Wearable cameras are great for capturing thrilling adventures and day-to-day activities. But let’s be honest - are you tired of wearing the mounts, not having your hands free, and being unable...

Citrix – Protect Your Workspace from Security Threats | NewsWatch Review

ConsumerWatch In a world where productivity is constantly challenged by intrusions and invasions of privacy, Citrix technology is trusted and proven to protect an increasingly mobile world. It’s time to secure, mobilize,...
VooDoo Game App Marketingvideo

VooDoo – Mobile Game Marketing | NewsWatch Review

ConsumerWatch Have you developed a great game, but don’t have the background or resources necessary to market it? VooDoo is the company that can help with that and looking for the next...

Tappy – Contactless Payment System | NewsWatch Review

ConsumerWatch With how advanced technology is and always becoming, it’s hard to imagine that making payments by phone just isn’t as efficient as it used to be. Tappy, a global NFC payment...

PageFlip – Page-Flipping Bluetooth Pedal | NewsWatch Review

ConsumerWatch For musicians everywhere and who turn sheet music while they play are talented to say the least. However, despite all the work that goes into honing such a craft, musicians can...

Ohana – High Quality Ukuleles | NewsWatch Review

ConsumerWatch Teaching children how to play a musical instrument is found to have several cognizant benefits such as increased memory, improved coordination, math skills, a sense of achievement, etc. The list goes...

Netronome – Prepare for Growing Infrastructure Challenges | NewsWatch Review

ConsumerWatch Global mobile traffic growth is projected to grow by 10X from 2017 to 2021, driven by video, gaming, data and IoT applications. If your company is preparing a network infrastructure to...
Live view golfvideo

Live View Golf – Better Your Swing with Live Feedback | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Learning golf is hard and improving your swing can take months or even years. There must be some way to get better faster? Well there is now. The app to be...

Finland – Technology Superpower | NewsWatch Review

ConsumerWatch Finland is well known for its country’s clean air and one of the best places to ski. Something you may not have heard much of however, is Finland’s technology ecosystem. Half the...
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