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Whiteboards are great tools for classrooms, offices, and even at home where you might need a place to jot things down for everyone to see. At one time we used chalkboards, then we graduated to whiteboards. So what’s the next step? Well, how about WriteyBoard?

WriteyBoard has made it possible to bring the basic functionality of a whiteboard to any space no matter how big or small. A traditional whiteboard can be cumbersome and take up a lot of real estate in your home, classroom, or office. WriteyBoard on the other hand offers an effortless stick-on approach that allows you to unroll, peel, and stick it on any smooth surface. The boards come in numerous sizes ranging from the smaller 12 inches by 18 inches to enormous 5 foot by 11 foot sizes. The stick-on whiteboards also come in various styles for different uses. They include a matte black stick-on board, a transparent board, monthly organizers, Dry erase replica web browsers, and the list goes on. Now, they offer another innovative alternative to traditional whiteboards with their whiteboard paint. Imagine the seamless integration of wall and whiteboard. By simply painting any surface you can turn it into a functioning whiteboard – pretty cool, right? WriteyBoard is available in a transparent paint, white paint, and another transparent paint that’s eco-friendly.

“In the beginning, WriteyBoard made the whiteboard a practical, light weight,” traditional” whiteboard alternative. Now we’ve revolutionized it once again to a product that truly is as mobile as your lifestyle. Tablets – too small, glass – too distracting, there is nothing more solid than a giant canvas for your brain. There is a reason why whiteboards are used in classrooms all over the world. The whiteboard concept surely is the personification of simple is better. Whiteboards have always been bulky and something only schools and big business could afford. WriteyBoard has made the dry erase canvas available for each and every one of us. You don’t have to thank us, just get yourself a WriteyBoard and stick to your wall some solid, brainstorming gold.”

To find out more about WriteyBoard’s products head to writeyboards.com today.

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