In a time in our country when we seem to be more divided than ever, music can be such a uniting factor. Kendrick Lamar even won a Pulitzer Prize for his song, “Damn”. Talk about powerful! There are very few people who don’t enjoy either playing music or listening to music. And true fans always want to share the love. You know that feeling when you hear a new song and you can’t believe how amazing it is and you immediately feel the need to share with all your loved ones? Yeah, that. So how do you do that? There are plenty of outlets. Read on for our tips on ways to share your love of music with others.

There’s an App (or a Thousand) for That

Of course there’s an app for that, and actually plenty of them. Lisn is a great one. This iOS app is marketed perfectly with a tagline that reads, “It’s like sharing earphones.” And is there a cooler concept than that? It has a synced playback feature that allows you and your fellow music lover to listen to tracks together, all in real time. And with over 130 million ditties on Spotify and SoundCloud, you won’t run out of things to share any time soon. Quorus is another fun one. It not only lets you share music by working in tandem with Spotify Premium, but it also lets you launch live streaming sessions to release the DJ within.

A Song-Sharing Soiree

What better way to share your love of music than to throw a party? You could hire a live DJ and create a dance area in your own home. If you’re confident in your DJ skills, go for it. If you play music yourself, gather your friends around and let them sing along to some well-known favorites. If not, you can always hire a band. Go for something local with a “dad band” or something of the sort. There are many of these out there and you might be caught off guard by how talented these guys—who likely all have “day jobs”—are at rocking out. A music visualizer from Magic Music Visuals always takes things up a notch. It allows you to draw abstract geometric patterns and other high-tech effects that “dance” in time with the music. Your compositions can be presented in full-screen mode, and even exported or downloaded for sharing to sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Take a Friend to a Show

We all have that one band that we didn’t like until we saw them live. And when you experience this, it’s live music magic that is truly unforgettable. When it happens to you, you want nothing more than for other people to experience that. Got a friend that doesn’t like your fave band based on just a few songs that they’ve heard ad nauseum on the radio? Kidnap him or her (not really, but you get it) and help your friend to see the musical light. Trust us when we tell you that your skeptical pal will thank you later, and hopefully keep the music-sharing love going.

Plan a Road Trip

There’s no better way to share your love of music with someone than to hit the road for hours, if not days, at a time. You’re trapped in there together and conversation can only go so far, so make sure you’ve got your favorite music on a playlist that you can share with your fellow road warrior. Even better, make it a music joyride. Target some of your favorite shows or festivals (hello, Lollapalooza!) you want to see that all fall within the same time frame and within a relatively close distance from each other. Put in your PTO request, hit the road, and make the music magic happen.

If you’ve got a favorite band, favorite song, or even a fave musical, don’t keep it to yourself. Sharing is caring! Use any (or all) of these methods and you’ll surely be making the world a better place.