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The internet and online social networks provide a place where people from all walks of life can connect like never before.

But it provides a wealth of knowledge that is unlike any library in the world. Eurekly is an online learning technology platform that democratizes learning by moving knowledge rapidly across geographic and economic barriers to where it’s most needed.

Eurekly is the first educational networking site, where all interactions revolve around learning and knowledge. Eurekly’s Learning Community offers seekers of knowledge an opportunity to connect with like-minded users and engage in a Knowledge or Language Exchange in a robust multimedia environment.

online learning technology platform

It’s Learning Marketplace offers access to online live tutoring, learning resources, and soon, online courses. Lesson bookings and lessons take place directly within the Eurekly platform.

Eurekly is an education, skill, and lifestyle based platform, that serves as an unparalleled resource for those looking to learn.

The platform has been designed to connect educators, learners and knowledge sharers of every subject matter, skill or discipline, anywhere in the world.

This is where you’ll go to rediscover the student in you, by taking a lesson or by making meaningful connections with others, who are looking to learn, just like you! You can find out more about this global learning arena by visiting today.