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How to Pick Your Headphone Style

Tech Report Our phones are not just communication devices anymore – they’re our entertainment center.  And to hear our entertainment – music, videos, games – we need a set of headphones. You...

Anew Green – Grow Your Own Garden | NewsWatch Review

Building a garden in the backyard seems like a good idea on paper but once you start the actual building process certain complexities become evident.  I mean if you just look...

Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst – A Nutrition Absorption Enhancer | NewsWatch Review

You might remember NewsWatch previously talking about Dr. Willard’s Water, a product that works as a complex water catalyst to create a more biologically active form of water. With Spring and warm weather right around...

Rent a Smart Apartment | NewsWatch Review

By: Dory Jackson The technology craze is definitely not a phase. Now, even more than before, technology is integrating its way through our daily lives. Most of us have succumbed to...

The Psychology Behind Product Design | NewsWatch Review

Consumer News By Megan Nichols You've finalized your product design. It looks great, is useful and is unlike anything your customers have ever seen. But is that enough? As you might surmise, the...

Cigar Sense – Personal Cigar Recommendations | NewsWatch Review

Tech Review Fine cigars are a great luxury and a wonderful pastime that many people enjoy. Unfortunately, given the thousands of products on the market it can be an extremely challenging, and lengthy journey...

5 Products That Will Help You Streamline Your Spring To-Do List

Consumer Report David Gregg, Senior Editor of BehindTheBuy has been hard at work putting his Spring product suggestions and testing them so that we can all streamline our springtime to-do list.   Office Depot...
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Which College Campuses Are the Most Environmentally Aware – The Top 6

Consumer Report By: Megan Nichols With the election season dominating the media recently, you don't hear a lot about sustainability efforts on the news these days. That doesn't mean they aren't happening. From...

NutraPre – Prenatal Vitamin Water | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Report Nutrition is key to staying healthy – and that is especially true when you're pregnant. It’s been found that drinking alkaline water when you're expecting is incredibly beneficial to your...

Vantelin – Comfortable Joint Support | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Report If you’re physically active and have experienced knee, elbow, or wrist problems there’s a good chance you’ve worn a brace at some point. Typically braces are made of neoprene or...

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Neuralink Patient Can Move Mouse Cursor with Mind

 By: Nick Gambino As we reported a few weeks ago, Neuralink implanted an electronic device in a live human brain for the first time. The...

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