GameChanger – Free Score-Keeping App for Baseball and Softball Players | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch For those of you who spend Saturdays on a youth baseball or softball diamond, this next one’s for you. Powered by Dick’s Sporting Goods, GameChanger is an easy-to-use app that gives baseball...

Anchor – A Safe Harbor for Your Crypto Holdings | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report It goes without saying that some of the biggest issues with the global economy are inflation, instability, and market volatility. While cryptocurrencies and stablecoins have tried to combat this problem,...

Ware2Go – Helping Merchants Get Their Products Closer to Customers | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report In a retail world driven by online sales and near-instant delivery, it’s vital that businesses are able to fulfill orders faster than the competition. But that takes a lot of...

Jenax J.Flex – Flexible, Fast-Charging, and Rechargeable Battery | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report With the advent of wearable and IoT devices, the demand for next generation away from rigid and thick batteries that can better serve this innovation increases. Well, Jenax has created an...

Pet Evac Pak – Emergency Pack for Dogs and Cats | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update When we think of emergency preparedness, we typically think about having the essentials like water, canned food, and flashlights. But we may forget about an important part of our families...

Llama Drama – Fun Competitive Card Game for All Ages | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update The new Llama Drama card game is your next game night obsession. Incredibly easy to learn and fun for all ages, this competitive card game is a great addition for...

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body – All-in-One Yoga and Meditation App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch When it comes to relieving stress in both the mind and body, there’s nothing better than a calming and relaxing yoga session. The Yoga Studio: Mind & Body is an all-in-one yoga...

Supercats – Real-Time Competitive Game with Anthropomorphic Cats | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Ready for your next mobile game obsession? We thought so. Check out Supercats. Supercats is a new recreational real-time competitive game filled with a ton of cool anthropomorphic cats. In other words, these cats...

ScholarshipOwl – Have Quick and Easy Access to Several Scholarship Opportunities | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update/AppWatch The pursuit of higher education is more than just a lofty goal, it’s an important part of maximizing your success in the future. But there are huge financial obligations in...

Loubier Gourmet – Delicious, Quality-Driven BBQ Sauce | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update It’s that time of year where everything’s cooked on the grill. And, sure, you can use ordinary sauces to compliment your protein or you can use San Francisco’s best-kept secret. Loubier...
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