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Third Wave Water – Make Your Best Cup of Coffee, Better | NewsWatch Review

ConsumerWatch Are you ready to take the taste of your best cup of coffee to the next level? Third Wave Water has developed a capsule filled with a balance of calcium, sodium,...

PhotoSquared – Make Your Memories Come to Life | NewsWatch Review

Consumer/AppWatch Does your Instagram feed or Facebook wall look more lively than the art (or lack thereof) you have hanging on the walls of your home, dorm or office? Is there a...

Walmart Now Offers Free 2-Day Shipping

 By: Nick Gambino In an e-commerce world where Amazon is king, companies like Walmart are trying to carve out a piece of the action for themselves. Walmart’s recent decision to offer free 2-day...

Magniflex – MagniSmartech Smart Mattress | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report As we get older it seems we’re on an eternal quest to find the perfect mattress for our nighttime z’s. Maybe we need more than just a comfortable mattress. How...

raboo SMART charger – No More Overcharged Phones | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Written & Edited by: Michelle Ison With the recent problems with Samsung Galaxy S7 batteries, phone users are more aware than ever of the potential for overheating electronics. Overheating, trickle charging...

Inneos – Optical Fiber at Home | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report In order to enjoy the full experience that is 4K or 8K TV it’s pretty much a necessity that your set up includes fiber optics. The idea is that in...

Netflix Adds ‘Offline’ Feature

By:Nick Gambino As promised several months ago Netflix is adding an offline feature allowing users to download and watch movies and TV shows without an internet connection. This is perfect for the daily...

Amazon Rumored to Be Adding Touchscreen to Popular Echo

By: Bryan Tropeano Another day another rumor but it seems this one has some validity to it. According to Bloomberg the Amazon Echo is getting a welcome touchscreen addition in 2017. This is...

AmpliFi – Wireless Internet Amplification | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Ubiquiti Networks has been leading the way in internet connectivity solutions for over ten years, providing a variety of wireless networking products to businesses and service providers. Now, with their new...

Stuart the Minion Cam – Security with a Fun Twist | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report By: Michelle Ison With the advent of the smart home we have the convenience of a connected system that operates our essentials, like lighting and appliances, as well as security. For the...
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Where to Shop Cyber Monday 2017

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