Combat Ignored False Alarms and Keep your Home Safe with Home8

By: Nick Gambino In researching this article I was shocked to discover that in the U.S. alone a burglary occurs every 18 seconds. Now I know sometimes reading these kind of statistics...

Netflix App Arrives on Xfinity X1

By: Nick Gambino If you turned on your Xfinity X1 set-top-box this morning and saw a little message notifying you that you can now use Netflix, it’s not a “hoax”, you’re not...

HouseSetter – Home Regulation Tech | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Wouldn’t it be nice to keep an eye on your home when you’re away without breaking the bank or needing an advanced degree in electronics to set it up? Then look...

iKeyp – The Smartest Safe | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Most people probably think that cocaine or heroine is one of the most abused drugs.  And while in some cases that might be true, amongst 12 to 13 year olds,...

Writeyboard – Innovative Whiteboards | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Whiteboards are great tools for classrooms, offices, and even at home where you might need a place to jot things down for everyone to see. At one time we used...

Revolution Acoustics – SSP6 Multiducer | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Now, we love finding new ways to listen to music through cool and innovative speakers. This next one is no exception. The Revolution Acoustics invisible SSP6 Multiducer pretty much revolutionizes...

viRaCube – Smart Irrigation System | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Maintaining a healthy garden or yard takes quite a bit of work. Sure traditional garden watering systems help but what about the days where it needs more water or the...

ipDatatel – Alarm and Smart Device Communications | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Security alarms and smart devices controlling lights, locks, and thermostats have become the norm in most houses these days. These systems bring a sense of security and convenience that make...

Amazon Reveals New Alexa-Themed Devices

By: Nick Gambino On Thursday Amazon unveiled two Alexa-enabled devices that you can add to your home to smarten it up. First up is the Echo Dot which is basically a smaller...

Amcrest Technologies – Protect Your Home & Loved Ones | NewsWatch Review

According to the FBI, a burglary happens every 15 seconds in the United States. So security is a major concern for any home or business but often time installing a security...
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