Recently, more people are deciding to use e-cigarettes or vaping devices instead of smoking, regardless of whether they intend to consume cannabis or nicotine. While vaping isn’t completely safe, it’s comparatively safer than smoking as you get to avoid inhaling more harmful substances found in smoke and inhale vapor instead. 

Moreover, vaping is considered by many people as an effective way to quit smoking because it imitates the smoking experience and allows for nicotine content control.

If you’re new to vaping, you may benefit from a quick overview. Vaping refers to the consumption of nicotine or cannabis by inhaling vapor from a vaping device. This device heats the e-liquid and produces a vapor meant to be inhaled. Generally, you can vape by drawing the vapor into your mouth and inhaling the vapor into your lungs. Then you exhale the vapor afterward. 

Vaping can deliver an unpleasant experience if you fail to do it properly. Furthermore, those hoping to vape as an alternative to smoking must have a good experience with vaping to help them quit smoking eventually. If you wish to enhance your vaping experience, consider the following tips:

  • Pick The Right Device

For the first tip, consider investing in the best device to improve your overall vaping experience. You may do this by understanding the various kinds of devices available on the market, identifying which specs suit your needs best, and making sure to purchase one of good quality.

Firstly, choose a device that works with the kind of substance you want to vape. This is important because some devices are more suited for cannabidiol (CBD) e-liquids, while others are for nicotine juices. You may check out some helpful guides to learn more about CBD-related vaping devices.

In addition, you may want to learn about the difference between mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung devices. The former is often lighter and better for flavors, while the latter is more suited for producing bigger vapors.

Second, avoid buying cheap devices, especially those with plastic tanks. Starter kits often have a plastic tank. While this can be more affordable, intense flavors can be infused into the plastic, negatively affecting the taste of other flavors you’re hoping to use in the future. Instead, consider using a glass tank. 

Finally, pay attention to the device’s specs, such as its components. For instance, if you’re traveling a lot, you may want to opt for devices with bigger battery capacities. After all, you don’t want your device to die out during one of your sessions. Also, consider the resistance of the coil element as low-resistance coils are more suited for e-liquids that produce more vapor. 

  • Choose The Best E-Liquid For You

Another way to get an epic vaping experience is to choose the best e-liquid for you. Often this involves understanding the PG/VG ratio, experimenting, and knowing what ingredients to avoid. 

PG/VG ratio refers to the proportion of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin in your e-liquid. The PG is responsible for the throat hit and flavor of your juice. It’s also known to be less dense than VG. Meanwhile, VG is responsible for the cloud production in your juice. 

If you wish to have more giant clouds, consider picking juices with more VG. On the other hand, if you want to prioritize flavor and throat hit, you may opt for more PG. However, if you’re a beginner, it’s recommended that you start with a 50/50 ratio.

Besides understanding the PG/VG ratio, it’s recommended that you keep experimenting to find your most preferred juices. There’s an abundance of options available on the market with a wide range in flavor, nicotine level, and PG/VG ratio.

Lastly, consider avoiding certain ingredients as they can harm your lungs. Ingredients like vitamin E acetate and diacetyl are known to cause an irreversible condition called ‘popcorn lung.’ You’ll find that avoiding these ingredients won’t harm your vaping experience and make vaping safer. 

  • Avoid Vaper’s Tongue

Another tip worth considering is avoiding vaper’s tongue. Vaper’s tongue occurs when a vaper can no longer taste the flavor of their e-liquid when they’re vaping. This can make your vaping experience unpleasant. As such, you’ll want to avoid it.

To avoid vaper’s tongue, you can begin by ensuring you’re always hydrated. Vaping can cause dry mouth, resulting in loss of taste. 

Another way to prevent vaper’s tongue is to vary the juice flavors. When you vape the same flavor over a long period, your tongue can grow accustomed to the flavor. You’ll eventually stop tasting the flavor of the liquid. Therefore, switching between juice flavors is essential to avoid vaper’s tongue.


People take up vaping for various reasons. Some people vape to enhance their social image, while others use it as an alternative to smoking since vaping is relatively safer. Other reasons include affordable cost, pleasant odors, and a variety of available flavors. 

Regardless of your reasons for vaping, you’ll be able to maximize your vaping experience by investing in the right device, choosing the best e-liquid, and switching up your juice flavors.