Friday, December 9, 2022

SBchat Is Changing the Way We Text

AppWatch While visuals are an important part of any human experience, sound is of tantamount importance as well. It’s that concept that fuels the newest messaging app, SBchat. The team behind the app has...

Receive Data-Driven Assessments on Crime, Natural Disasters, and More with Augurisk

AppWatch Have you ever wandered into a neighborhood you weren’t familiar with and wondered “Am I safe here”? Normally, we have to rely on our instincts. Thankfully, technology now exists to help you...

Play as a Shark on a Frantic Feeding Frenzy in Hungry Shark Evolution

AppWatch While there are plenty of mobile games out there to help you while away the hours and stave off the boredom, there are few that have the staying power to become...

Easy and Fun-to-Use Keyboard App, Typewise

AppWatch We type on our phones all day every day, but we still leave an immense number of typos in our wake. It’s frustrating, it’s annoying, and sometimes it’s even embarrassing. This is...

Focus On Your Meditation and Movement with The Healing Movement App

AppWatch Meditation offers numerous benefits, not the least of which is managing stress and reducing negative emotions and mood swings. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the time or the focus to meditate. If you...
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Start Streamlining Your Stock Market Experience with Stock Master

AppWatch Investing in stocks has never been easier with the opportunities afforded by digital and mobile technologies. By wielding the power of your smartphone, you can gain actionable insight into the stock market...

TradePros Conveniently and Efficiently Links Homeowners with Contractors

AppWatch With so much time spent in our homes these past few months, we’ve got a long list of home improvement projects we’re itching to get started. Now it’s just a matter...

Make a Pledge to Uphold Your Goals and Encourage Others with LYC Pledge

AppWatch With a world defined by social media, sometimes it seems like people are more likely to post about something than take the actions necessary to make the world a better place. LYC...

Avibra App – Rewarding Good Lifestyle Habits with Quality Insurance Coverage

AppWatch Taking time every day to focus on yourself and improve and enhance your well-being is important. It doesn’t take a lot, but it must be done. That doesn’t mean it’s easy....

Save Lives with the !important App

AppWatch The safest cars on the road are those that not only look out for the passengers inside the car but the pedestrians outside of the car. Despite major technological advances in...
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