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Business to Consumer (B2C)

Business to Consumer (B2C)


MAD Products – Prevent Corrosion And Damage | NewsWatch Review

Accidents and property destruction occur too often from damage caused by water and other corrosive elements. Corrosive water is a term used to describe “aggressive” or "hard" water that can dissolve materials with...

Daily Steals – Online Gadget Deals | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report If you're the type of person who's always looking for a steal on tech products, then listen up. Daily Steals is a unique website launched in 2015 that focuses on...

CAcafe Inc. – Healthy Coffee Drinks | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Let’s admit it: we can’t live without coffee. So what if I told you your coffee can be tasty, energizing, and healthy all at once? Because CAcafe’s drinks do just...


By: Scott Steinberg Think you know Millennials, or Gen Yers as they’re often referred? Bzzt – guess again. Today’s largest generation, you may be surprised at just how awesome they really are....

Washos – The Convenient Car Wash | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report On-demand services like Uber are the rage these days. With the internet on our phone we want everything instantly at our fingertips. We already have car rides, food delivery and...
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How You Can Use Video Conferences More Creatively

  Video broadcasting has certainly become popular over the years, with society being able to quickly adapt to new technologies, forms of communication, and types of entertainment. As a brand, you need...

Tasty Peach Studios – Cute Japanese Style Trinkets | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Are you interested in cute Japanese-inspired art? If so, then you might want to check out Tasty Peach Studios. This small indie company is owned and operated by Ryan Zanfei. In addition to...

DIZAIND – Design Your Own Bag | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Purses are an accessory that most women use and wear every day. But there hasn’t been a tool for women to create their own purse to fit their unique style,...

Fingerprints – Secure Electronic Devices with Biometric Technology | NewsWatch Review

MWC With today’s latest technology, people have become accustomed to accessing their phones and tablets with just a touch of a finger. It’s becoming more and more obvious that the future’s security...

Finland – Technology Superpower | Mobile World Congress

By: Guy Tal Hauser Finland is well known for its country’s clean air and one of the best places to ski. Something you may not have heard much of however, is Finland’s technology...

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Google to Delete Inactive Accounts on Dec. 1st

By: Nick Gambino Most of us have multiple email accounts, some spread across various email services like Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo. We may even forget...

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