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Business to Consumer (B2C)

Business to Consumer (B2C)


AppSolid – Protect Your App with Advanced Security | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Apps are used to accomplish just about everything these days, even the simplest of tasks. But despite their popularity, most mobile apps are vulnerable to hacking. In fact, per tech...

DOBOT – Lightweight Robot for Educators | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report So, Robots provide students with unprecedented learning opportunities. But getting a quality robot can be challenging, especially when most traditional robots are expensive, heavy, and bulky, limiting their effectiveness in...

Store Sensitive Business Files Through Multiple Platforms with Kapalya

Biz Report Enterprise data is constantly getting breached perpetrated by sophisticated cybercriminals, who are looking to penetrate your system, steal your data, and may demand a ransom payment. It’s no longer just some...

ReviveAds – Hitting Ad Blocking Software at Every Level | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Unlike in decades past, content is available at your fingertips at any time of day no matter where you are. And while as consumers we’ve become accustomed to a certain...

Make Getting to Your Customers Easy with Onetify | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report With online retail, shopping has never been easier, both as the customer and the retailer. But as a store owner or retailer, you have to know how to do it...
Hungry Unclevideo

Hungry Uncle – From The Tip Of The Fork | NewsWatch Review

Business Review A lot of us here at NewsWatch are definitely members of the “I travel too much” club. One area of tihe world that we will never say no to is...

Capitalise – Understanding the Natural Human Language of All Traders | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Trading sounds to be an easy game. You’ll win and you’ll lose, but if you stick to your guns and use statistical analysis, you’ll come out on top. But the...
social media marketingvideo

Digital Strategy Demystified with DefinedLogic

Biz Report We live in a digital world where business and commerce don’t move without 1s and 0s. That’s just the reality of the present world and companies that recognize this and...
Perfect PDF Ultimatevideo

Perfect PDF Ultimate – Premiere Software App for PDF | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Since 1995, Soft Xpansion has been a leading manufacturer of PDF software with solutions that allow for flexible editing and creation. Their premiere software app is Perfect PDF Ultimate. It allows...
The Beard Clubvideo

The Beard Club – Treat Your Beard Right | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report You’ve probably already noticed it, but more men are ditching the razor and growing out their beards making beard care one of the fastest growing segments in the men’s grooming...

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