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Business to Consumer (B2C)

Business to Consumer (B2C)


BULO – Track, Understand, and Improve Lung Health With Ease

The lungs are obviously vital organs but they're also vulnerable to all manners of diseases and maladies. Staying ahead of any issues can help ensure that you stay healthy for a...

Free Water – The Worlds First Free Beverage Company

So did you guys know that bottled water, you know, bottled water, costs about 2000 times the price of regular old tap water. But hydration is, I think we can all...

Paidly – Don’t Deal With Student Loan Debt Alone

The high rate of employee turnover is a problem for businesses. Research shows that 66% of employees plan to leave their employer within four years. While there are many factors that...

Gauss – Make Paying High-Interest Credit Debt Easy

Paying off credit card balances can seem like a never-ending cycle. Largely, this is due to a card lending system where high-interest rates are the order of the day. So what's...

Zapnabit – No App-Fee Delivery Service For Any Size Business

Local businesses and customers want easy delivery, and they want it now, but who wants to pay those high fees? Well, now there's a new Delivery Plus customer pickup app for...

Plylox – A Safe, Effective, And Easy Way To Defend Against Severe Weather

Hurricanes are massive forces to be reckoned with. Now in the last few decades alone, they have caused trillions of dollars in property damage. The only weapon against their destruction is...

Remote Control Studios – Create Professional Level Videos In Your Living Room!

Video production has evolved drastically over the years. The pandemic has certainly changed a lot too, forcing us to operate in different conditions than we were prepared for. Now, we need...

Backyard Birdie – The Ultimate Summer Pool Party Must Have

Do you love golf so much that you dream about practicing any chance you get, even when you're at home with no golf course or driving range in sight? Well, with...

Exsurgo – Real, Unique Insight to Essential Athletic Performance

Achieving greatness in sports is more than just exerting oneself physically. It also requires astute analysis that leads to game improvement. Now gaining insight into key performance metrics allows coaches and...

Rollerblade – It’s Always A Good Time To Skate!

There's nothing quite like moving with speed, feeling the fresh air against your face. Inline skating offers that experience as well, as a total body workout, all while allowing you to...

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ThermoGrid – The Perfect Business Management Hub For You

Any business built around sending service techs into the field can face logistical nightmares. Whether you're sending out plumbers, electricians, HVAC techs or any...

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