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Business to Consumer (B2C)

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Patent Servicesvideo

Patent Services USA – Start With Trust | NewsWatch Review

Business Review It’s a long and hard road when filing and being awarded a patent. The process can be complicated with a dozen roadblocks in the way. With recent changes in patent...

Wildflower Seed – An Easier Gardening Life | NewsWatch Review

Business Review It’s summer time and the living’s easy. However, if you’re gardening that may not be the case. With overweight tools that seem like they’re designed for big burly construction workers,...

Trends Investing – Tracking Stock Trends | NewsWatch Review

Business Review The idea, “let your money work for you” is a sound concept. However, accomplishing this and knowing how to succeed are two different things. The best idea is to have...

ASLC – Lower Your Student Loan Payments | NewsWatch Review

Business Review It is safe to say education is an important step towards securing your future. Education unlocks doors and brings out the potential in all of us. Unfortunately, in this day...

Zapper – Pay Your Restaurant Bill Securely and with Ease

AppWatch If you run a restaurant and are trying to figure out ways to speed up service and increase the turnover rate on tables, check out Zapper. It’s a helpful and free...

FlightCar – The Airbnb for Car Rentals

FlightCar is ready to change the dynamics of airport car rental and parking in the world. Similar to Airbnb that brought the revolution of renting out empty rooms in your house...

AT&T Hiking Monthly Price for Unlimited Data Plans That Were Grandfathered In

By: Nick Gambino AT&T is raising prices on grandfathered unlimited plans. It’s pretty obvious that the mobile giant regrets their one-time decision to offer unlimited data plans to their customers and then...

MAD Products – Prevent Corrosion And Damage | NewsWatch Review

Accidents and property destruction occur too often from damage caused by water and other corrosive elements. Corrosive water is a term used to describe “aggressive” or "hard" water that can dissolve materials with...

Daily Steals – Online Gadget Deals | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report If you're the type of person who's always looking for a steal on tech products, then listen up. Daily Steals is a unique website launched in 2015 that focuses on...

The Performance Group – Interactive Events | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report With the invention of these beautiful things like cell phones, tablets, laptops, and the internet we’re now connected around the clock to our work and social life.  This connectivity has...

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Google to Delete Inactive Accounts on Dec. 1st

By: Nick Gambino Most of us have multiple email accounts, some spread across various email services like Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo. We may even forget...

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