Saturday, January 19, 2019

Netronome – Prepare for Growing Infrastructure Challenges | Mobile World Congress

By: Guy Tal Hauser Global mobile traffic growth is projected to grow by 10X from 2017 to 2021, driven by video, gaming, data and IoT applications. If your company is preparing a network...

Finland – Technology Superpower | Mobile World Congress

By: Guy Tal Hauser Finland is well known for its country’s clean air and one of the best places to ski. Something you may not have heard much of however, is Finland’s technology...

Fingerprints – Secure Electronic Devices with Biometric Technology | NewsWatch Review

MWC With today’s latest technology, people have become accustomed to accessing their phones and tablets with just a touch of a finger. It’s becoming more and more obvious that the future’s security...

AdBlock – One Swipe to Block Them All | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Are popups on your iOS device driving you crazy? Are you frustrated that the apps you’ve downloaded for free, come with the nuisance of pesky advertisements? A lot of our favorite...

WeShare – Sharing is Caring, Especially When it Comes to WiFi | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch If you’re in need of instant internet access, it may be time to download the app, WeShare. WeShare works by conserving data on your mobile device to gain easy internet access...

Google Translate App Translates Text with Camera

 By: Nick Gambino  With Google Translate’s newest update users can now translate from Japanese to English with a simple point of the camera. Before this new feature was introduced you were able to...

Small Robots Will Start Making Deliveries to Your Door

By: Nick Gambino Starship robots have been making their way around other countries delivering orders directly to doorsteps but now we’ll start seeing them here in the U.S. Postmates and DoorDash have struck...

Netflix Adds ‘Offline’ Feature

By:Nick Gambino As promised several months ago Netflix is adding an offline feature allowing users to download and watch movies and TV shows without an internet connection. This is perfect for the daily...

Combat Ignored False Alarms and Keep your Home Safe with Home8

By: Nick Gambino In researching this article I was shocked to discover that in the U.S. alone a burglary occurs every 18 seconds. Now I know sometimes reading these kind of statistics...
Drive Free Car

Are Cars Today More Computer Than Vehicle?

By: Megan Nichols In 1993, “Jurassic Park” featured a fleet of camouflaged jeeps that have left a permanent mark on the sci-fi community. It wasn’t just their eye-catching – and often imitated –...
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Netflix is Raising Prices

By: Nick Gambino Netflix is once again raising its subscription prices, and the thing is, you can afford it. The streaming service is hiking the...

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