Hereshot – Mobile Time Capsule App | NewsWatch Review

Appwatch Review We love the idea of documenting the where and the when of our every move. That’s what social media is all about. It can be described like a digital scrapbook. We...
Facebook MoneyPenny

Facebook, In True 007 Fashion, Introduces Their Own “Moneypenny”

by: Nick Gambino Apple really started something with this whole Siri thing, my God. It seems everyone and their mother is quick to jump on the personal virtual/digital assistant bandwagon. Microsoft has...

Wisper – Stay Connected in Real Time with Family and Friends

AppWatch Connecting with family and friends has been made even easier as of late with a new app called Wisper. This app takes the idea of apps like SnapChat and Wickr that...

uKind – Share Kindness Around the World

AppWatch The ancient philosopher Philo said, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Just click on the news at any point in the day and you’ll see the...

Buddy Pass – Find People with Similar Interests and Passions

AppWatch Social Media has connected people thousands of miles apart in ways we never dreamed possible. But there comes a point when you have to put down the phone and meet people...

Picpal – Real-Time Selfies to Capture your Life with Friends, Now

AppWatch A great way to enjoy life is to live in the now. Too much social media today is geared around faking the moment or creating an image of yourself that isn't...

SnikPic – Get Your Friends Talking | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review It seems there are endless possibilities when it comes to social media and photo-sharing apps. A new one with an intriguing twist is called SnikPic. Designed to engage your followers...
reTXT - NewsWatchvideo

ReTXT – Texting Redefined | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Have you ever wanted to take back a text you sent or change what you said? Text messaging has more features than it did a few years back, but it’s...

ZWOOKY – Preserve Your Online Anonymity | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review As the digital world grows, so does our ability to communicate to others. But it's a bit of a double-edged sword as we tend to also lose anonymity. Check out...

MoveTube – The Home Search Channel | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review The real estate industry has always been a popular topic for consumers, and with the advent of online search portals and mobile applications for real estate listings, that industry has...
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