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The Army Educational Outreach Program – STEM Teaching| NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update We live in a technologically driven world.  If we want our future generations to succeed, we must ensure all students have the skills and knowledge that match the career opportunities...

Pandora Strikes Deal to Create On-Demand Service

By: Andrew Tropeano Pandora may be one of the originals to find success in the music streaming arena but services like Spotify and Apple Music with their on-demand streaming service pretty...

FLEXFIT – Innovative Stretch Tech | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update So, our bodies can be a real pain sometimes. Literally. With aches, pains, and sudden injuries when we’re doing something easy like moving a chair or something extreme like crossfit...
Twitter 140 Characters

Twitter Eases Up On Its 140 Character Limit

By: Nick Gambino Twitter has long been known as the social media platform with a 140 character limit. While annoying, it’s forced users to be more creative about their word choices making...

Mercari – Easily Sell Your Things | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update There’s nothing more annoying than having clutter in your home. Well, that is, unless you have clutter that’s in good shape but you just don’t have the room. Enter Mercari. This...

RedBarn – Natural Pate Dog and Cat Food | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update If you have a dog or a cat, there’s a good chance you consider them a member of your family. And if Max is family, then you want to make...

Sole Patches – Adhesive Foot Comfort | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Whether you wear heels for work or you just like them to dress up an outfit at night, ladies know just how painful it is to wear them. But with...
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Permanently Ends Production on Galaxy Note 7

By: Nick Gambino After a number of reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bursting into flames, followed by a massive recall, followed by replacement phones also bursting into flames, followed by...

One Night – Werewolf RPG | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update If you’re looking for something to do on a Friday night and are tired of the same ol’ same ol’ check out One Night Ultimate Werewolf from Bezier Games. This fast-paced game...

Kayacat – The Backpack Kayak | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update If you’re a kayaking, sailing or any sort of water activity enthusiast then you’ll love this next product we’re going to highlight. The Kayacat Cougar is the latest concept in watercraft...

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Twitter Blue Comes to Android

By: Nick Gambino Twitter Blue has been controversial since its launch, changing the very fabric of the way the social media platform operates. While at...

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