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Enso – Silicone Wedding Bands | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update So the holidays are coming up and it’s time to start thinking about stocking stuffers and other gifts for your loved ones. Check out Enso rings. This one-of-a-kind ring was specifically...

Lalabu – Babywearing for Dads | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Once upon a time it was common for moms to almost exclusively care for their newborns with very little input from Dad. Well, that's just not the times we live...

What’s Your Passion? – Marvel Jewelry | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Geek culture is sacred to us here at NewsWatch. We understand that it takes just the right touch and authenticity to make you truly “geek out.” What's Your Passion jewelry...

Europe Comics – All New Comic Experience | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update If you’ve ever been interested in comics and the unique visual stories they tell then you should check out Europe Comics. Europe Comics is a 13-partner European Alliance dedicated to spreading comics...

Go Sport-It – Fitwear and Fitgear | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update As we approach the end of the year it’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. And most of us will be looking to get in shape. Go Sport-it’s...

TIPA – Compostable Plastic Bags | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Usually when we take out the garbage, it's picked up and hauled away and we forget about it, right? But the thing is, it doesn't just vanish. It goes to...

The Right C – All Natural Energy Boost | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Did you know that humans are one of only four species in the world that lack the natural ability to make vitamin C?  That means we have to intake daily...

3 Benefits of Using an Ecommerce Site to Sell a Single Product

The internet is the perfect place for niche, handmade goods to find a willing buyer. In fact, thanks to websites like Pinterest, homemade goods are increasingly popular these days. Ecommerce stores...

Manscaped – Men’s Grooming Products | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update The Mens grooming market will be more than 40 Billion dollars by 2018. And Manscaping – aka below the neck grooming - is the fastest growing segment. Conventional products include...

Toomio’s Pasta Sauce – Gluten Free and Delicious | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update So, trying to find tasty gluten-free alternatives to some of your favorite foods can be tricky. But for some, the gluten-free lifestyle is vital for health reasons. Well you can...

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Neuralink Patient Can Move Mouse Cursor with Mind

 By: Nick Gambino As we reported a few weeks ago, Neuralink implanted an electronic device in a live human brain for the first time. The...

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