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5 Common Data Recovery Issues

Losing data isn't good. Most devices have an option to save files on an external hard drive or online. Cloud storage is very convenient. If the file is damaged before you...
Honey Bee Cityvideo

Honey Bee City – Helping Honey Bees Thrive in Urban and Suburban Hives |...

Consumer Update Bees help produce about a third of our food through pollination. So, you can imagine how vital their safety is to our future. For the past few years, hives have...

Do You Care Enough About Your NBA Team to Buy a Tissot Watch?

Probably not, right? To say that NBA merchandise is affordable would definitely be coupled with a Pinocchio-like nose, as even a replica Steph Curry jersey (currently the highest selling jersey as...

ChalkTalk – Providing Teachers and Students with Materials for One-on-One Learning | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Students who receive, one on one mentorship do two standard deviations better than those who just learn in large conventional lectures. It makes sense as parents can’t afford to get private...

Transcrypt – Making Crypto Transactions Simple and Convenient | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report You can barely turn on a TV or open your phone without someone mentioning cryptocurrency. As more and more get onboard the revolutionary currency system, innovators are looking for ways...

OWL – Auto Escape Tool for Emergencies | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update In the event of an emergency, there's nothing worse than feeling helpless and stuck. With OWL™ The Most Innovative Escape Tool available, it adheres discreetly to your visor, so it's within close reach. Its...
Lucid Audio HearMuffsvideo

Lucid Audio HearMuffs – Soothing Headphones for Your Child | NewsWatch Review

CES/Consumer Update If you’re a parent, you know how important it is to make sure your child is protected at all times. This is especially true when you’re in noisy environments, like...
Pelematic Orange Peeler Professionalvideo

Pelematic Orange Peeler – Designed to Peel Just About Anything | NewsWatch Review

CES/Tech Report Pelamatic appliances are a wildly popular line of fruit and nut peelers designed to peel just about anything, from oranges and green beans, to walnuts and olives. But until now...

SunPort – Using Smart Grid Technology to Manage Your Solar Energy | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Many of us want to make moves toward helping the environment and leaving a smaller carbon footprint, but we don’t know where to start. Well, start with SunPort. SunPort gives you plug-n-play...

Live and Online

With the increasing popularity of online casinos seemingly here to stay, live online games has really taken off, and it's not really that surprising as live casino games bring that extra...
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2020 iPhone Could Have Powerful Laser 3D Camera

By: Nick Gambino According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple is planning on doubling down on 3D when they release the iPhone in 2020. At...

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