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OWL – Auto Escape Tool for Emergencies | NewsWatch Review- Auto Escape Tool for...

Consumer Update In the event of an emergency, there's nothing worse than feeling helpless and stuck. With OWL™ The Most Innovative Escape Tool available, it adheres discreetly to your visor, so it's within close reach. Its...
Lucid Audio HearMuffsvideo

Lucid Audio HearMuffs – Soothing Headphones for Your Child | NewsWatch Review

CES/Consumer Update If you’re a parent, you know how important it is to make sure your child is protected at all times. This is especially true when you’re in noisy environments, like...
Pelematic Orange Peeler Professionalvideo

Pelematic Orange Peeler – Designed to Peel Just About Anything | NewsWatch Review

CES/Tech Report Pelamatic appliances are a wildly popular line of fruit and nut peelers designed to peel just about anything, from oranges and green beans, to walnuts and olives. But until now...

SunPort – Using Smart Grid Technology to Manage Your Solar Energy | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Many of us want to make moves toward helping the environment and leaving a smaller carbon footprint, but we don’t know where to start. Well, start with SunPort. SunPort gives you plug-n-play...

Live and Online

With the increasing popularity of online casinos seemingly here to stay, live online games has really taken off, and it's not really that surprising as live casino games bring that extra...
Trade Ideasvideo

Trade Ideas – Helping to Manage Your Stocks Through AI | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report There’s so much talk of Artificial Intelligence these days and what it could mean for the advancement of not only technology but the way in which we carry out our...

Prezi Presentations – A Visually Captivating Presentation Platform | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Your message is all in how you present it. Or is it? Researchers at Harvard University wanted to know whether your choice of presentation medium affects the overall impact of...

SwarmBox – Make Your Presentation Captivating and Highly Interactive | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report If you’ve ever presented in front of an audience, you know how difficult it is to make your presentation engaging and interactive. There are only so many times you can...

Carah – Safety Watch for Women | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Smart wearables and IoT devices are everywhere. Well DNX designs and manufactures smart wearables and IoT devices aimed at making life just a little easier. Their newest safety watch, Carah, is tailored...
Cool N Dry Coolervideo

Cool & Dry Cooler – Say Good-Bye to Soggy Food | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update It’s that time of year where everybody’s busting out the cooler for trips to the beach, long boat rides, and picnics in the park. Using a cooler always sounds like...
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