Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Pelematic Orange Peeler Professionalvideo

Pelematic Orange Peeler – Designed to Peel Just About Anything | NewsWatch Review

CES/Tech Report Pelamatic appliances are a wildly popular line of fruit and nut peelers designed to peel just about anything, from oranges and green beans, to walnuts and olives. But until now...

Limfinity – Software Platform for Life Science | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Scientists who focus on the study of living things are called Life Scientists. As you can imagine, these scientists work with a massive amount of data that needs to be...

IDEX – Biometric Security Advancements | NewsWatch Review

Tech Product Review Everyone knows that in this modern digital age identity theft is a serious issue. It is easier than ever to purchase goods and services right from your computer or...

OWL – Auto Escape Tool for Emergencies | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update In the event of an emergency, there's nothing worse than feeling helpless and stuck. With OWL™ The Most Innovative Escape Tool available, it adheres discreetly to your visor, so it's within close reach. Its...

Keep Your Finances on Schedule with CalendarBudget | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Swimming in debt is like treading water, no matter how hard you try, you never seem to get anywhere. Well, part of the problem is that it’s just too easy to...

Station – Mac Dock Organizer | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Are you a Mac user and love the elegant workflow of your computer? Why wouldn’t you? Mac is the ultimate in simplicity. The only problem is that sometimes that simplicity...

Transcrypt – Making Crypto Transactions Simple and Convenient | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report You can barely turn on a TV or open your phone without someone mentioning cryptocurrency. As more and more get onboard the revolutionary currency system, innovators are looking for ways...

Amazon Music HD offers CD-Quality Streaming

By: Nick Gambino We’ve been streaming music on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music for so long we’ve nearly forgotten what high-quality audio sounds like. Amazon is here to remind us with...
Live view golfvideo

Live View Golf – Better Your Swing with Live Feedback | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Learning golf is hard and improving your swing can take months or even years. There must be some way to get better faster? Well there is now. The app to be...

ChalkTalk – Providing Teachers and Students with Materials for One-on-One Learning | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Students who receive, one on one mentorship do two standard deviations better than those who just learn in large conventional lectures. It makes sense as parents can’t afford to get private...

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Looks Like Amazon Prime Day will Fall on October 13th

By: Nick Gambino Amazon’s annual sales event that promises deals, deals, deals on various items from their vast inventory was delayed in July because...

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