Thursday, June 30, 2022

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Business to Consumer (B2C)


Bluerickshaw – The Best Way To Shop Small Businesses

Shopping local is only one way to support independent businesses and artists. Another is to shop on platforms with carefully curated artisans who pour their heart and soul into their creative...

Calm Strips – A New, Stylish Way to Manage Anxiety

For some, managing anxiety, stress, or even excess energy requires a tactile solution. Some use fidget spinners or fidget cubes, but those can be clunky and pretty inconvenient. That's where Calm...

Wicked Little Weeder – Pesky Weeds Are a Thing of the Past

For many, gardening is a wonderful way to relieve stress and connect with nature. Getting your hands dirty and working the soil can be grounding and gratifying. But if you're working...

Apollo Med – Changing the Cosmetic Industry for the Better

PDO threading lifts or what some call lunchtime facelifts are relatively new in the US but they're fast becoming a popular, minimally invasive, and non-surgical method of capturing that rejuvenated look....

EBO – Distance Is No Issue for Staying Connected

Our busy lives constantly distract us from what truly matters, connecting with our loved ones. Sure, many of us have smartphones that allow us to connect in one way or another...

KLEAR Tech – Digital Pickpocketers Beware!

Protecting against fraud in this advanced technological age is important. Shady characters looking to steal data and identities have become more sophisticated in recent years, and so we need even more...

Ubetalk – Made By Drivers, For Drivers

Until now there was no way for local drivers to connect or feel like they're part of a special community. Whether you drive for Uber, Amazon, UPS, or you just pull...

Remote Year – Work From Home… Or Hawaii

Part of personal growth is allowing ourselves the opportunity to travel and experience different locations and cultures. And with most of our work moved online, many of us are freed up...

MarkBook Is Improving Student Performance While Saving Teachers Time and Effort

There is no question that enhanced communication among teachers, students, and parents is essential for optimum student growth and success. Robust software solutions provide teachers with deeper insight into their students’...

Cling – Harnessing the Power of the Cloud for a User-Friendly Experience

Tech Report It’s hard to believe that there was a time when we were tethered to our computers because the data, documents, and files lived only in that one terminal. Fast forward to...

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Atari Just Turned 50

By: Nick Gambino Before there were Nintendo, Xbox, or PlayStation consoles, there was Atari. The OG in the home video game console market turned 50...

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